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Alt Sci-Tech Books

Taoist Alchemy



HODOWANEC, Gregory : Rhysmonic Cosmology [ Under Construction ]


Kozyrev Time

Law Dictionaries






Agricultural Diseases and Pests

Bee Keeping


Farm Equipment

Farm Management






Organic Farming

Plant Breeding & Propagation



Water Management

Water Wells & Pumps


Emergency / Critical / Intensive Care



Obstetrics & Gynecology

Oxford Handbooks

Pregnancy & Childbirth


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Robert A. Nelson : Collected Works
Articles :

Power from the Atmosphere


Goodbye, Cape Town ( Airwells and Dew Ponds )

The Next Bigly Thing: How To Come Down -- Or Not...

The Next Bigly Thing : Electro-Osmosis of Oil

The Next Bigly Thing : Plastic To Oil

The Next Bigly Thing : Torsion Chemistry

Oil From Coal -- Free ! The Karrick LTC Process

My Science  Fair Project : How To Make Gold

Ray Guns 101

Water For Gasoline
    How to emulsify up to 95% water:5%gasoline '

Fukushima Mon Amour

    A review of conventional & other methods to remediate nukey-poo to stable or short-life isotopes.

Levity's Labor Lost
    A review of select levitation technologies -- E. Farrow, L. Rota, E. Hollingshead, V. Grebbenikov, H. Wallace, B. Johnson.

It's About TIme
    A brief review of time travel & cameras.
The Wonder World of... Whenever
    A review of amazing lost power sources of the early 20th century :Figueras, Guillot, Britten, Hendershot, Angelo, Craig, Hubbard, Meyers.    

Resurrect Now !

Muslim Prophecy
    A definitive, comprehensive compilation
Asian Prophecy
    Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastran & Baha'i prophecies for the end of this era of error and terror.

American Prophecy
The definitive compendium of American prophecy: Inca, Maya, Aztec, Native American, early & modern USA: dire warnings of the 2nd Revolution & Civil War, & invasion by China... Fair warning for patriots & quislings alike.

Nostradamus & Jihad

    A conservative study of Nostradamus re: Jihad.

Nostradamus & The Plague
    A review of dozens of quatrains referring to pestilence, e.g., Ebola-II.

Polemics vs Prohibition

The Secret River

Native American Prophecy

Spontaneous Generation


Books :
Adept Alchemy

The Philosophers' Stone via the Short/Dry/Royal Path with Arsenic / Gur, plus: 20th Century Transmutations of Ag to Au ( Jollivet-Castellot, Fulcanelli, Tiffereau, &c.), Transmutations of Carbon ( Kushi, Jovitschisch ), Transmutations of Ores ( Moray ), Transmutation of W to He ( Wendt & Irion ), Transmutation of Pb to Hg ( Smits & Karssen ), Transmutation of H to He & Ne ( Ramsay ), Transmutations of Hg to Au ( Miethe, Nagaoka ), Biological Transmutations ( Kervran, &c.), Cold Fusion ( Pons & Fleischman, &c.), Transmutation of Nuclear Waste, esoterica & miscellanies.

The Alchemists
    The amazing true story of Wenzel Seyler, a rogue monk who found the Philosophers' Stone in the ruins of a chapel at Brna, Moravia, 1675. He made gold for Emperor Leopold Habsburg, became a Baron, and Master of the Mint, and he survived his enemies and his depravity, with the help of one true friend -- Francis Preyhausen. [ Note -- Under Construction :  Scene 1 is being rewritten as a collage w/ Gualdus ]

Hemp Husbandry   
  A definitive guidebook for cannabis cultivation

Prophecy : A History of the Future
Hundreds of apocalyptic prophecies from around the world! Ancient (Delphi, Egyptian, Sibylline Oracles), Asian, Judaeo-Christian, European, Nostradamus, American prophecy, Cycles, Earth changes, Time physics, &c.

The Great Book of Hemp
    This is the original manuscript or the book ripped off / published by Inner Traditions International, allegedly written by "Rowan Robinson" [ Rowan Jacobson ] -- NOT...

Biography :

Steven Krivits : Plagiary by Oxford University Press
( Thank you, Steven -- I never would have known... )